Dynamics of an Industry Seminar/Conference Session Hall

To rival the old adage about a picture speaking a thousand words, Loris puts up picture with almost a 1000 words. Have meeting with Prof in 5 minutes. Enjoy this post till we come up with better ideas.
Industry Seminar/Conference Hall

Dynamics of an Industry seminar or a local Conference hall.

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Spotted on campus

After months and years of Non-CeNSE seminars we finally have the real deal!!!

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The talk you wish you really had with your advisor before joining for a PhD

Originally seen on http://www.drewconway.com/zia/?p=2453. Apparently this thing was pretty much all over the place. But like all pearls of wisdom and our own F-hall, we feel this is also timeless 🙂

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Our Hectic Outdoor Life

Extra Curricular Activities of an IISc Research Student

Extra Curricular Activities (Outdoors) of an IISc Research Student.

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Yes. They have been sighted at last. They have till now managed to be sarcastic, witty, nauseating, suffocating, pedantic, ironical, abstruse and simply philosophical ALL AT ONCE. They are the equivalent of Samay from Mahabharat in the Institute. The founding fathers are shown in the scene that inspired UFO‘s birth. It has been speculated by future astro-historians that this scene will be next only the Nativity scene to be reproduced in Natural History museums all over Milky Way.

Founding Fathers of UFO

It was a dark and starry night when the fathers of UFO founded ...

Current headquarters is the A-Mess Notice Board. Extrapolating fame in space and time domain, we know they’ll soon find a plaque for themselves next to H H Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar‘s bust. *Loris* proudly presents the original collection as it appears on the Notice Board here for the benefit of Chairmen of all centres and departments, professors, officers of all cadre, permanent and temporary staff, the extended campus community, Security personnel, the entire student community and the Archives Cell.

  • You are a Butterfly. So you Better fly!
  • Forget the Universe, Fill up your money purse.
  • People come, People Go, Bubblegum Bingo!
  • A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose. But it was Jack who drowned in the end.
  • If you say SHUT-DOWN to switch off your computer, shouldn’t you be saying SHUT-UP to switch it on?
  • Save the Binary Trees. There are less than 2^n of them left.
  • If you hungry, yet cannot eat… its either LOVE or a bad case of stomach upset.
  • Stay Hungry. Eat Biryani!
  • Plutonium may be an offense. But Colloquium is not a defense.
  • If there is no light at the end of the tunnel (and no incoming trains), then it is only your plight.
  • If your age gets the better of you, dye and let dye!

We at *Loris* wish the UFO well and hope to benefit from their infinite wisdom for all Samay to come.

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Straight from the Director’s Speech Desk.

Every Independence and Republic day, connoisseurs of old school military British oratory have, against the laws of one’s own Nature, ruthlessly disregarding one’s own body clock, woken up and presented themselves before 830AM with the singular purpose of lending their literary canvas for the Director to paint with his classic speech. Loris pays tribute to the matchless style, composure, syntax, semantics and all the other ingredients of the Director’s speech in flawless British English. Loris captures in the sands of time and in the colours of the flowchart the highlights of the speech.

The Director's Speech

The Director's Speech

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Water consumption in Boys Hostels vs. Girls Hostels.

A good researcher never forgets to refer the original source – Small Miseries, Voices article from 5th July, 2010. All data about girls hostel has been extrapolated from the article, the author of which, we believe, knows all about her hostel. All data about the boys’ hostel is from my own experience. 🙂



Water usage in the Girls' Hostel.




Water usage in the Boys' Hostel.


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